Bangkok Joyride. 
Part 1. “How We Became Superheroes”

Ing K

147 min

Country: Thailand
Release Date: 2016
Filming Locations: Bangkok, Thailand
Production Company : Jai Singh Films

Jai Singh Films presents
Bangkok Joyride Part 1
‘How We Became Superheroes’

‘Bangkok Joyride: How We Became Superheroes’ is the first of an epic documentary series with no commentary, a record of the Shutdown Bangkok protests of 2013-2014, which is fast becoming forbidden history both inside and outside Thailand. Bear witness to how and why millions of ordinary Thai people lost all fear of death to occupy the central streets, public parks and government buildings including the finance and interior ministries for 7 months while barely making international news; and how, unlike the celebrated ‘Arab Spring’, it was maligned by the Western media as an evil elite movement against democracy itself.
But just imagine: President Trump is in the White House, the US is becoming a failed state and millions of Americans occupy Washington for half a year. Some governments wouldn’t want their citizens to see Bangkok Joyride, an exhilarating and sensitive observation of a historic non-violent struggle, which could be taken as a how-to guide, from the setting up of bathrooms, medical tents and communal kitchens, how to manage waste, security, fund-raising and training in Gandhian ahimsa. How does anarchy co-exist with discipline and joy with fear? 

Part 1 shows how the protest gathered steam; what propelled millions of ordinary people to rise up to keep their country from becoming a failed state. These ordinary-become-extraordinary people are the stars of the film, which covers the pivotal period including the collapse of parliament, from July to 9 December 2013 with an immediacy of first-hand experience.

cameraman-editor-director: Ing Kanjanavanit
post-production: Navi Hanumahn
producer: Manit Sriwanichpoom
Foundation Cinema Oasis
All Rights Reserved 2017